The IMaG of Design
Design is a term that can mean many things. It can be a simple idea or shape or even as complex as a building. A good design is measured by the client and their market. The art of design is the ability to deliver the clients needs in a way beyond their expectations yet staying focused on the simplicity of their needs. That is our IMaG

Web Design
Web development is a skill that many claim to have yet few can implement. Over the years, we have had many clients come to us after spending good money with other designers but still not having a usable solution. The actual skill is the ability to match the Internet presents to the client. Also to reflect the same feelings. For example, if you wanted to start an ecommerce or online store front you would want to reflect a large selection of items, easy navigation all in a comfortable / no pressure atmosphere. Just like you would expect in a physical retail store. The design need to reflect all those details.

That is were function and design become one. Not a reflection of each other but the exact same thing. That is the IMaG

Logo and Branding
Designing a logo or brand name is the most powerful of all graphic design. The presents of the Logo or Brand Name must speak to the consumer in a way that is powerful and yet subtle.

These images are used to present your company to the world and need to reflect the uniqueness each client.
That is your IMaG